Crisp Apple Protein Power Shot 12 Pack

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New addition we are excited to have is Protein Power Shots.

Our first addition in the line is Crisp Apple. Taste just like apple juice

with the added benefit of 25 grams of protein in just a 3 ounce shot.

Our Crisp Apple Protein Shot is naturally flavored and low glycemic.

With only 100 calories it will keep you full for hours. Perfect for people

always on the go, skipping breakfast because of time. Ready to drink

and doesn’t require refrigeration.

Additional information

Weight54 oz
Dimensions6.5 × 5 × 5.5 in

2 reviews for Crisp Apple Protein Power Shot 12 Pack

  1. AbbeyGabby (verified owner)

    Wow! Wow! Wow! So I’m a sucker for things on sale and I was on here to purchase some Euphasia and when I was checking out I saw that this was on sale. LOL knowing me I added it to my cart. Now, when the protein shots came in mail I was immediately thinking there is no way this little thing is going to keep me full. I was a little annoyed. But since I already had them I was like I should give them a chance. I drank one the next morning because I always skip breakfast and then compensate at lunch by eating unhealthy food. I drank my protein shot at 7am and normally me and the girls go to lunch at work around 1pm and I was not hungry. So freaking amazing I was NOT CRAVING fried foods, and carbs. I ate a grilled chicken salad and it was perfect. The taste of the shot was great. Although I don’t think the taste is the most important thing when you are literally shooting it down your throat. I will say it taste 1 million times better than a 5 hour energy shot. Need more flavors!!!!!!!!

  2. DJ Scott (verified owner)

    I truly and honestly am surprised at how long I stayed full and my stomach wasn’t barking at me to eat 3 hours after breakfast. I was hard pressed to finish my lunch I was so full. I’ve stowed away some in my car, my desk at work and in my house for those times when I just don’t have time to eat but I know I need to eat something.

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